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Friends and Neighbors

Valentine's Day Brunch, 2/13/05

Kate is Eight! 2/26/05

Kate's Party, 2/26/05

LaVerne's Oakland House, 3/6/05

Luis, LaVerne, and Martha, 3/6/05

LaVerne's Open House, 3/13/05

Oakland Park Trail, 3/13/05

Cliff House for Brunch, 4/3/05

Play Ball! 6/1/05

Chilton Ave BBQ, 6/3/05

Hot Dogs on the Grill, 6/3/05

Pot Luck Table, 3/3/05

Birthday and "Relirement" Cake, 6/3/05

Sitting around the Fire Pit, 6/3/05

Dawn Kabor Visits SF, 6/4/05

Mary Heers Visits SF, 7/7/05

Shopping at Suma's, 7/7/05

Postal Hats, 7/7/05

David Cushing's 50th Birthday, 7/13/05

David's Party in Berkeley, 7/13/05

Happy 50th Birthday, David!

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