Martha 's HIST 18 - History of the Middle East

Foothill Callege, Fall 2006


Online Class Lectures by Prof. Dolores Davison, Foothill College, Fall 2006

October 10, 2006: a paper on a Muslim religions figure - Moulay Idriss of Morocco

October 31, 2006: Mid-term Exam covering weeks 1-6

1- Why did Islam spread so easily?
4 - What was the impact of the Mongols?

November 21, 2006: a paper on the impact of the West on the Middle East

Photography in the Middle East - 12 pages (sent to instructor)
Photography in the Middle East - original (25 pages)
Photography in the Middle East - short (6-8 pages)

December 13, 2006: Final Exam covering weeks 7-12

1. What were the reforms Ataturk introduced, and what criticisms exist abouthis tenure as president?
3. What werethe major events and causes of the Iranian Revolution of 1979?