Iberia 2008

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Spain, Morocco, and Portugal

Iberia 2008 Home Page

a Tour of Iberia

On January 11, 2008, four of us signed up with Grand European Tours to take their April 17-May 1 tour of Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. This 15-day tour is designed to give us an overall introduction to the Iberian Peninsula "separated from the rest of Europe by the Pyrenees. Comprising Spain and Portugal, it is washed on the N and W by the Atlantic Ocean and on the S and E by the Mediterranean Sea; the Strait of Gibraltar separates it from Africa."

with Moments in Morocco!

Just across the Strait of Gibraltar lies Morocco, on the North coast of Africa. With a history rich with cultures and cuisines, religions and rebels, Morocco is exotic enough to enthrall the tourist, yet safe enough to satisfy the tour companies.

The few hours spent in Morocco belie its significance to the history of all that we'll see in Iberia. It was FROM Morocco that the Arab invaders came when they brought their Muslim faith to Spain in the early 8th century. And it was TO Morocco the Moors returned, when forced out of Spain and Portugal in the late 15th. In between those centuries, Iberia hosted a diverse "culture of tolerance" that made it The Ornament of the World. We hope to explore ALL of this - and to take pictures too!

Culture Christians, Jews, and Muslims inhabit the Iberian Peninsula, and created a culture that is a mix of many strands. Weaving these strands into a coat-of-many-colors makes Iberia what it is today. We hope to WEAR that coat with style!

HistorySpain, Morocco, and Portugal are rich in history! What a delight it will be to immerse ourselves in cultures that carry the seeds of America, and that hold the key to understanding our medieval past.

Music Imagine - flamenco, salsa, and chaabi! We may not notice much of the music as we travel, but we will be surrounded by it. These are very musical cultures! Surely this will enliven our senses, and soothe our nerves. Olé!

Cuisine Taste is one of the most memorable of the senses, and we intend to test it to the max! To prepare for this, we have all begun our dietary adjustments: lose 10 pounds now, so we can indulge fully...

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