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PHOT 65a - Introduction to Digital Imaging
1Contact SheetOrganized photos of doorways in SF's Sunset DistrictThis is a VERY helpful tool!Date
2ModificationsMade color adjustments on a boy climbing a date palmDifficult to decide which tool to chooseDate
3SelectionsMoved a stork from a medersa to the casbahThis lesson still needs improvement - very difficult!Date
4FiltersApplied 8 filters to a road sign photo from MoroccoWhat a fun exercise!Date
5ReflectionsDescribed 3 things I've learned so farIt should really be more like 30 things!Date
6BlendsUsed 2 photos from Aphrodisias, TurkeyWhat beautiful colors!Date
7PhotograherIntroduction to a digital photographerChose Graham Jeffery, from Hinkley, EnglandDate
8ColorizeTinted and then colored 3 parts of a black & white photoAgain, a VERY useful technique for the future!Date
9AutomationsDescribed what Photoshop automations I likeStill much to learn hereDate
10Final ReflectionsWhat have I learned from Photoshop?PLENTY!Date
Assignment OneSelf-PortraitWhat a challenge to decide what to include/excludeDate
Assignment TwoSocial CommentaryUnionize!Date
Assignment ThreeRe-TouchingThis will be VERY useful for old family photographsDate
Assignment FourFinal - Personal Choice Made a webpage of Morocco images08/03/05

Slideshow of Martha's PHOT65a Images!